With summer here and weather improving, schedules are starting to thin out and children are requesting to play outside. In a time like this, going outside provides another transition opportunity.
Our number one priority is the safety of all of our children, staff, and therapists.    That is why all three of our locations have policies and procedures in place (see below) that will help to ensure social distancing and the disinfecting/cleaning of materials and rooms. We ...
With summer now officially in swing, what better time to encourage your child to play outside? With virtual education and therapies, playing outside is a great opportunity for children to learn imaginative play, fulfill sensory needs, and get fresh air. Being stuck inside and ...
Use Age-Appropriate Language and Be Consistent
As Director of Sunny Days Sunshine Center, and a parent of three children, I know how hard it is to get your child to wear a face mask during this time.  Either they are too young to understand, they do not like the way it feels, or they just outright refuse to even try it.  ...
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Multi-sensory or Snoezelen rooms are found in school and outpatient facilities. The rooms are set up to affect the sensory system either to alert or calm. The visual system may enjoy rhythmically moving subtle lights or bright flashing lights. The auditory system may enjoy ...
Many of the children we work with have difficulties processing everyday sensory information. Their senses may be over or under-sensitive to stimuli at different times, and these sensory differences can impact their behavior and have lasting effects on their development.

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