Fall is my favorite season for many reasons: the weather gets cooler, the holidays are approaching, and there are so many speech and language skills that can be incorporated into fall activities. Parents will often ask me what games they can buy to work on their child’s ...
As occupational therapists, we are taught to analyze every task and creatively target a variety of skills with the simplest tools. Therefore, when planning (especially for virtual therapy sessions) and looking for some new creative ways to engage the children I treat, I ...
Are you running out of low-prep, fun, and functional activities that interest your child, strengthen their muscles, spark creativity, and engage their minds? Here are five fun ways to reinvent the common children’s toy, Play-Doh.
With summer here and weather improving, schedules are starting to thin out and children are requesting to play outside. In a time like this, going outside provides another transition opportunity.
With summer now officially in swing, what better time to encourage your child to play outside? With virtual education and therapies, playing outside is a great opportunity for children to learn imaginative play, fulfill sensory needs, and get fresh air. Being stuck inside and ...

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