When it comes to behavior, both positive behaviors that we are trying to increase, and problem behaviors that we are trying to decrease, there is always a reason behind why the behavior is occurring. This is referred to as the function of the behavior. Every behavior has a ...
Now more than ever, children need structure throughout their day. Establishing a daily routine can help your child increase independence and provide consistency during the day. Here are a few tips that might help establish a routine with your child.
Instructional control is another important method used in various therapies at Sunshine Center. During and after pairing, your child’s therapist will work to establish instructional control—but what does that mean? Instructional control can sound somewhat intimidating, but ...
During your child’s sessions with the Sunshine Center, you’ll frequently hear therapists talk about reinforcement. You may have questions about reinforcement: What is reinforcement? Why is it used? Are reinforcement and bribery the same? I bribe my child all the time and it ...
Unwanted behaviors are behaviors that are desired to disappear, decrease, or change in some way. In order to change behaviors, some detective work will need to be done first! Here are 6 helpful tips to use when managing your child’s unwanted behaviors:

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