About Marisa Asta, PT, DPT

Marisa Asta is a Physical Therapist at the Manalapan and Edison Sunshine Centers. She graduated with her doctorate from Ithaca College in 2019 and has been working in pediatrics ever since. Marisa found her passion for working with children with Autism, and other developmental conditions, while working at a specialized pre-school for children with disabilities. She also has experience in treating various orthopedic and neurological conditions in children of all ages, as well as adults, in various settings.

Once your baby has mastered stationary positions such as lying on their belly, sitting, and standing, it is important to promote movement in and out of these positions. Initially, children have to be placed in these positions in order to practice and become independent, which is ...
Toe walking is actually fairly common, and in most cases a part of typical development, especially when children are first learning to walk. Most children begin to walk with a “heel first” pattern after 2 years old. However, sometimes kids seem to be constantly on their tippy ...

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