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The Sunshine Center® facility offers children and their families a place for developmental services and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) therapy.

A one-of-a-kind center designed to promote positive behavior, increase quality of life, and enable individuality; the Sunshine Center embraces each child and their individual needs.

The Sunshine Center is dedicated to children of all ages who may be experiencing challenges with learning, social skills, sensory processing, speech/language difficulties and/or motor development.

Child Development & Family Services:

Parent Training

Parent Support Groups

Functional Behavior Assessments

Classroom Observations

IEP Assistance/Consultation


Mini Camps

We are NOT the "Old School" ABA Model

The Sunshine Center® facility is not your ordinary ABA Therapy Center. We strive to ensure we are focusing on “A Whole Child Approach - Ongoing Collaboration & Generalization Amongst All Therapies & Families”.

In order for a child to be successful, not only in 1:1 therapy but in everyday life, the child must demonstrate mastery of that skill in a minimum of three different settings, with three different people, and with three different types of materials.

That is why we focus on making sure the child is generalizing each and every skill.

We achieve this by not just sitting at a table and chair for the entire session. We focus on naturalistic teaching instead of doing trial after trial.  From day one, we pair with the child so they become comfortable with us so we can promote generalization right from the start.

Another way we achieve generalization is through collaboration.

We know it takes a village, therefore, we have monthly parent training meetings, we collaborate with the school districts, and we will always collaborate internally. Since we have it all under one roof, we have the benefit of learning directly from other experts in the field. Our Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, BCBA’s, and ABA/RBT Therapists all rely on one another, they observe each other, and most importantly, they collaborate on a daily basis.

We're a team of extremely knowledgeable and educated therapists that only wants each and every child to be successful.

The only way to achieve this is through what we do best: GENERALIZATION AND COLLABORATION!

BHCOE-2021-Accreditation-2-Year-HEROBHCOE ACCREDITED

The Sunshine Center® facility has been recognized by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) as a behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in applied behavioral analysis (ABA Therapy). We are proud to meet the BHCOE's highest standards of verified clinical quality, transparency, and accountability.

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