Picture this: It’s time to wash your child’s hands. You bring them into the bathroom and you tell them to turn on the water, pump the soap, rub their hands together, etc. and your child follows all of the steps until their hands are nice and clean. Later that day, when with ...
Pairing is an important process that is used by therapists at the Sunshine Center in order to build rapport. Read on to learn some pairing pointers, including why we use it and how you can implement it at home.
Our lives have changed so quickly these past few months with virtual learning. Technology has taken us to new places and is rapidly changing in order to keep up with day-to-day life. As we all navigate these changes, we face new challenges to learning. A lot of children are ...
With summer here and weather improving, schedules are starting to thin out and children are requesting to play outside. In a time like this, going outside provides another transition opportunity.
With summer now officially in swing, what better time to encourage your child to play outside? With virtual education and therapies, playing outside is a great opportunity for children to learn imaginative play, fulfill sensory needs, and get fresh air. Being stuck inside and ...

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