About Alison Bono, M.S., CCC-SLP

Alison Bono is an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist who has been working with individuals diagnosed with speech and language impairments since 2018. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from James Madison University and a graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology from Monmouth University. Alison has a passion for working with individuals with disabilities and believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to have a voice.

Apple, box, table. If you were asked to take these three nouns and create a sentence using ONLY these nouns, it would be impossible. Although nouns are an important part of our vocabulary that results in greater understanding and use of language in our environment, teaching the ...
Fall is my favorite season for many reasons: the weather gets cooler, the holidays are approaching, and there are so many speech and language skills that can be incorporated into fall activities. Parents will often ask me what games they can buy to work on their child’s speech ...

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