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Our Philosophy

The Sunshine Center believes that the family needs to be an active participant every step of the way in order to help the child’s overall progress. We provide a safe environment with dedicated therapists and staff to ensure that our goals and your goals are the same.

The Sunshine Center believes in collaboration and generalization as that is our focus of each and every session. We do not only collaborate internally, but we also make sure to collaborate with the family, the child’s school, other outside therapists, and anyone else that plays an important role in the child’s progress. We feel very strongly that the child can only progress if everyone is on the same page all working towards the goal of generalization. That is why we teach our children using evidence based methods that are proven to be effective. We use a natural approach which allows generalization to occur more easily.

We promise to provide a program that will promote the child’s development to their absolute fullest potential.

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