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Our lives have changed so quickly these past few months with virtual learning. Technology has taken us to new places and is rapidly changing in order to keep up with day-to-day life. As we all navigate these changes, we face new challenges to learning. A 
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Here we are living through this new reality, thinking how do we help our kids deal with so many adjustments—and that includes continued communication. We all want to know what can we can do to help our children communicate during these changes. Well, one thing 
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Update 07/13/20: We are also currently offering virtual therapy for all services. (OT, PT, Speech, Counseling, ABA & Social Skills including doing all initial evaluations) In addition, we are now also offering in-home therapy. If you’re interested in our social skills services, note that it’s 
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Use Age-Appropriate Language and Be Consistent When discussing the Coronavirus, it is important to discuss the virus in simple terms about germs and what we can do to stay safe. Reassure children that adults are being proactive about the virus and are working hard to 
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As Director of Sunny Days Sunshine Center, and a parent of three children, I know how hard it is to get your child to wear a face mask during this time.  Either they are too young to understand, they do not like the way it 
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