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Our lives have changed so quickly these past few months with virtual learning. Technology has taken us to new places and is rapidly changing in order to keep up with day-to-day life. As we all navigate these changes, we face new challenges to learning. A 
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Once your child has been diagnosed with Autism and referred for an ABA assessment, you may be wondering what to expect. This process can be intimidating for parents, especially those with a newly diagnosed child, who have not yet had experience in ABA therapy. An 
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During your child’s sessions with the Sunshine Center, you’ll frequently hear therapists talk about reinforcement. You may have questions about reinforcement: What is reinforcement? Why is it used? Are reinforcement and bribery the same? I bribe my child all the time and it doesn’t work…why 
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Unwanted behaviors are behaviors that are desired to disappear, decrease, or change in some way. In order to change behaviors, some detective work will need to be done first! Here are 6 helpful tips to use when managing your child’s unwanted behaviors: 1. Be A Detective 
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With summer here and weather improving, schedules are starting to thin out and children are requesting to play outside. In a time like this, going outside provides another transition opportunity. Has your child played outside and was asked to come inside and play? What did 
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With summer now officially in swing, what better time to encourage your child to play outside? With virtual education and therapies, playing outside is a great opportunity for children to learn imaginative play, fulfill sensory needs, and get fresh air. Being stuck inside and having 
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