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About Anna Richardella, Edison Center Supervisor

Anna Richardella joined the Sunshine Center team as the Edison Center Supervisor in February of 2020. While babysitting for a child with autism, she developed a passion for working with children with special needs and began providing childcare and adapted community services to families. Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and a minor in French language from West Chester University. After falling in love with Applied Behavior Analysis while volunteering in college, she earned her master’s of Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University. She has provided services in a variety of settings including schools, centers, home and community and has worked as an instructional aide, ABA therapist and, most recently, BCBA for children with autism and developmental delays and disorders.

Once your child has been diagnosed with Autism and referred for an ABA assessment, you may be wondering what to expect. This process can be intimidating for parents, especially those with a newly diagnosed child, who have not yet had experience in ABA therapy. An 
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During your child’s sessions with the Sunshine Center, you’ll frequently hear therapists talk about reinforcement. You may have questions about reinforcement: What is reinforcement? Why is it used? Are reinforcement and bribery the same? I bribe my child all the time and it doesn’t work…why 
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With summer now officially in swing, what better time to encourage your child to play outside? With virtual education and therapies, playing outside is a great opportunity for children to learn imaginative play, fulfill sensory needs, and get fresh air. Being stuck inside and having 
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